PARMAL is a bi-annual magazine on heritage, culture and the arts with a specific focus on Goa. It was conceived with the purpose of raising awareness about the unique heritage and environment of Goa. PARMAL is published by the Goa Heritage Action Group, a non-profit organisation working on conservation-related issues.

The pressures of unplanned development constitute a significant threat to Goan heritage. Every other day, a bit of the past vanishes under the tracks of a bulldozer. The Goa Heritage Action Group (GHAG) is one among few fighting to save the best of the state’s heritage structures and it’s a raging battle.

For any struggle, resources are critical, and GHAG too feels the need desperately. But we have what we think is a win-win solution — PARMAL. This magazine about heritage and culture, published by GHAG, is what we are hoping will help us raise valuable funds for the cause, while also providing readers with an unique view of Goa’s past, its culture and traditions, and the things that make the state what it is.

Given direction by an advisory board which features eminent historians, writers, conservationists and architects, each issue of PARMAL features knowledgeable and insightful writing and photography by those who know the subject best.

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